u/7 & u/8 – Pumaki
u/9 – u/13 play 15 man rugby
u/11 & u/12 are introduced to the 7’s format

The u/9, u/10, u/11, u/12 and u/13 team trials take place in January.
Three teams are selected if there are enough boys.

3rd team
2nd team
1st team

3 x 7’s teams that consist of u/11 and u/12 are chosen early September.

We have 2 coaches for each team.

We try to arrange 16 matches for each team.  These include friendlies, tours and Mpumalanga knock-outs.

Each year the u/9 and u/10 attend the Laerskool Nelspruit Rugby Week.
The u/11 and 2nd Teams attend the White River Primary rugby Week.
The 1st team has the privilege of touring further away.

Mpumalanga Knock-out:
From u/9 to the 1st Team take part in these matches.

Dress code:
Players wear black shorts (these must be bought by parents). Rugby jerseys are provided.

u/12 and u/13 boys who play well for the school are nominated by the coaches to attend the Ehlanzeni regional trials.


Annually we take part in 3 rugby days. We enter 2 x u/7 teams and 2 x u/8 teams.  The emphasis is on development and each player that comes to practice gets a chance to play in at least one of these days.  This year promises to be a very exciting year for all our young players – we look forward to producing some future Springboks.


Athletics is the one sport at our school that lends itself to mass-participation.  A chance is given to each pupil to prove his/her ability.  There is also the cultural aspect of athletics which is attractive to many of our pupils.  Our athletes achieved admirably during the athletics season and especially at the Inter Primary. Our athletes also performed well at  provincial level.   We look forward to an exciting year for all our athletes and their achievements & hard work.


Swimming at our school continues to develop tremendously. We now have many provincial swimmers participating at national championships. Swimming practice takes place in the 1st and 4th terms. Besides the physical benefits, it has been scientifically proven that there are also the mental benefits of improved concentration and self-esteem. Come and join our swimming team!


  • Chess

  • Cycling and Mountain Biking

  • Golf

  • Cross Country


The aim of our netball at White River Primary is to develop a love for the sport. We teach them the necessary netball skills and encourage a healthy balanced lifestyle.


This year, as usual our U/10-U/13 hockey teams began their hockey season with a training camp at Rob Ferreira High School.  During the week our players not only improved their skills, but also learnt new ones. There was definitely not a lack of spirit – they paraded around with banners, sang songs and developed war-cries!


Mini-hockey at White River Primary is definitely not “mini”! We currently have 3 teams in each of our age groups from U/7 to U/9.  These teams practice twice a week and take part in 3 Hockey Festivals that have been especially set aside for them on the hockey calendar.  During the hockey festival that we hosted on our fields there were 824 little hockey players from all over the Lowveld that participated.  It really resembled an ant colony! Our teachers are really passionate about the game and serves on the executive committee of the provincial hockey body.


To offer young pupils the chance to learn how to play- and enjoy cricket.
To expose the players to well-qualified cricket coaches.
To develop a love for the game of cricket.

There is one qualified coach/team (u/9 to u/13).  The coach has an assistant to help him and accompany the team to matches.

Trials take place at the beginning of June.  The trials (u/10 to u/13) take place in the cricket nets as well as on the field.  A team of 14 boys is selected to play in the league matches.  12 boys are then chosen to partake in any tours that may take place. Trials for the u/9 team will take place early in the 3rd term.

After the trial the u/10 to u/13 teams will begin practicing at the beginning of the 2nd term.  The u/9 players will start practising during the 2nd term in preparation for the third term trials.

Teams and age groups:
There is only one team for each age group from u/9 to u/13.

The u/9 team plays in a friendly league.  The u/10 to u/13 teams play in the Mpumalanga Super-schools League.

The u/10 to u/13 teams play in the White River Primary School Cricket Week.

From u/10 to u/13 a squad of 14 players will be selected.  A team will then be chosen from these boys to play in the league matches each week.

Dress code:
Matches – The school has a uniform white cricket shirt and cricket socks that must be worn by all the teams during matches. These items are available at the Thrift Shop.  The u/13 team may receive a sponsored cricket shirt.  This is to be worn together with long white trousers and a school cricket cap.
Practices-Players must wear comfortable practice clothes or their school clothes and sport shoes.

Mpumalanga Cricket:
The best players from u/10 to u/13 teams are selected, annually, to take part in the Ehlanzeni regional trails. From the various regional trials in the province, a provincial team is selected to represent Mpumalanga in the u/11 to u/13 age groups

The following awards are presented annually at the formal prize-giving ceremony.

u/9 – Best Player
u/10 – Best Player
u/11 – Best Player

** Junior Cricketer of the Year

u/12 – Best Player
u/13 – Best Player

** Senior Cricketer of the Year

League matches:
Every player that takes 5 wickets or scores a century in a match will receive an award.

Mini-cricket (u/7 – u/9)
Mini-cricket takes place in the 3rd term.  All Gr 1 and 2 boys and girls are welcome to play.  We attempt to give each player at least one match.


Why Tennis?
Tennis is a sport that can be played and enjoyed from ages 9 to 90!  It can be played as an individual or a team sport.  It develops hand-, eye– and foot co-ordination.

At White River Primary  we offer:

Mini-tennis Gr 1-3 (boys & girls)
u/11 team and a 1st Team (u/13) (boys & girls)

Our u/11 team and our 1st team are made up of 4 players each.  We enter into the tennis league and all matches and practices take place in the first term.

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