u/7 & u/8 – Pumaki
u/9 – u/13 play 15 man rugby
u/11 & u/12 are introduced to the 7’s format

The u/9, u/10, u/11, u/12 and u/13 team trials take place in January.
Three teams are selected if there are enough boys.

3rd team
2nd team
1st team

3 x 7’s teams that consist of u/11 and u/12 are chosen early September.

We have 2 coaches for each team.

The u/9 and u/10 teams attend the Tzaneen Rugby Week annually. The 1st  and u/11 teams have the privilege of touring to other provinces further away.

We try to arrange 16 matches for each team.  These include friendlies, tours and Mpumalanga knock-outs.

Each year the u/9 and u/10 attend the Laerskool Nelspruit Rugby Week.
The u/11 and 2nd Teams attend the White River Primary rugby Week.
The 1st team has the privilege of touring further away.

Mpumalanga Knock-out:
From u/9 to the 1st Team take part in these matches.

Dress code:
Players wear black shorts (these must be bought by parents). Rugby jerseys are provided.

u/12 and u/13 boys who play well for the school are nominated by the coaches to attend the Ehlanzeni regional trials.


Annually we take part in 3 rugby days. We enter 2 x u/7 teams and 2 x u/8 teams.  The emphasis is on development and each player that comes to practice gets a chance to play in at least one of these days.  This year promises to be a very exciting year for all our young players – we look forward to producing some future Springboks.


Athletics is a sport which lends itself to mass-participation.  Each learner gets the opportunity to prove his/her abilities.  There is also the cultural side of athletics which many of our learners are attracted to.

The top athletes are chosen to represent the school at the circuit meeting. 2 Athletes are chosen to participate at the district meeting and from there athletes are invited to participate at the Mpumalanga Championships.

Dress code:
It is compulsory for each learner to participate in the correct athletics wear. Clothes are available from the uniform shop.


Swimming at our school continues to develop tremendously. We now have many provincial swimmers participating at national championships. Swimming practice takes place in the 1st and 4th terms. Besides the physical benefits, it has been scientifically proven that there are also the mental benefits of improved concentration and self-esteem. Come and join our swimming team!


  • Chess

  • Cycling and Mountain Biking

  • Golf

  • Cross Country



The aim of netball is to instil a love for the sport, a balanced lifestyle and to learn new netball skills. Netball is a competitive sport therefore the girls learn to achieve according to their best ability. Netball is played on weatherproof courts.  White River Primary has 8 courts. The netball season begins at the end of the first term and ends in June each year.


The u/7, u/8 and u/9 girls play mini netball.  No scores are kept and mass participation is encouraged.  Skills are taught on an informal basis.  There are at least 2 mini netball Festival days in which we participate. The 0/10 girls do not play in the league, but enough matches are arranged to prepare them for the following league year. The u/11 – u/13 girls play competitive netball and the teams are annually affiliated to SASN (South African Schools Netball).

Individual trials:

The u/12 and u/13 girls can qualify to play trials for the MSN (Mpumalanga Schools Netball) provincial teams which take part in the National netball tournament each year. White River Primary strives for excellence and is regularly approached to host the Mpumalanga Championships in cooperation with MSN.


League teams u/11- u/13

White River Primary school is fortunate to have excellent hockey coaches. Some of them play at clubs and for inter- provincial teams. Their passion, knowledge and skills are carried over to our hockey players. We have 8  league teams in the Lowveld that participate annually in the trials running up to the sought after Mpumalanga winners trophy. There is absolutely no shortage of team spirit and energy on the field! Our school produces many Mpumalanga hockey players who achieve prestigious results at the National Hockey Tournament.


The mini-hockey at White River Primary is everything but “mini’. Our aim is mass participation and skills development  Each and every player gets the opportunity to take participate in a variety of Festival days all over Mpumalanga. During our own Festival day we host as many as 824 little hockey players from all over the Lowveld. What a beautiful sight it is to see all the little people swinging hockey sticks and dribbling hockey balls all over the field! Our teachers are really passionate about the game and serve on the executive committee of the provincial hockey body.


To offer young pupils the chance to learn how to play- and enjoy cricket.
To expose the players to well-qualified cricket coaches.
To develop a love for the game of cricket.

There is one qualified coach/team (u/9 to u/13).  The coach has an assistant to help him and accompany the team to matches.

Trials take place at the beginning of June.  The trials (u/9 to u/13) take place in the cricket nets as well as on the field.  A team of 14 boys is selected to play in the league matches.   12 boys are then chosen to partake in our Cricket week during the July holiday.

After the trials the u/9 to u/13 teams will begin practicing at the end of the 2nd term.

Teams and age groups:

Mini-cricket takes place in the 3rd term.  All Gr 1 and 2 boys and girls are welcome to attend. We strive to give each player a chance to play in at least one match per season. We participate in two Festival days during the season.

The u/9 team plays in a friendly league.  The u/10 to u/13 teams play in the Mpumalanga Super-schools League.

The u/9 to u/13 teams take part in the White River Primary School Cricket Week.

From u/10 to u/13 a squad of 14 players will be selected.  A team will then be chosen from these boys to play in the league matches each week.

Dress code:
Matches – The school has a uniform white cricket shirt and cricket socks that must be worn by all the teams during matches. These items are available at the Thrift Shop.  The u/13 team may receive a sponsored cricket shirt.  This is to be worn together with long white trousers and a school cricket cap.
Practices-Players must wear comfortable practice clothes or their school clothes and sport shoes.

Mpumalanga Cricket:
The best players from u/10 to u/13 teams are selected, annually, to participate in the Ehlanzeni regional trials. From the various regional trials in the province, a provincial team is selected to represent Mpumalanga in the u/10 to u/13 age groups.

The following awards are presented annually at the formal prize-giving ceremony.

u/9 – Best Player
u/10 – Best Player
u/11 – Best Player

** Junior Cricketer of the Year

u/12 – Best Player
u/13 – Best Player

** Senior Cricketer of the Year

League matches:
Every player that takes 5 wickets or scores a century in a match will receive an award.

Mini-cricket (u/7 – u/9)
Mini-cricket takes place in the 3rd term.  All Gr 1 and 2 boys and girls are welcome to play.  We attempt to give each player at least one match.


Mini tennis provides children with the perfect opportunity to learn the fundamentals of tennis at an early age. Designed for children aged between 6 and 10, mini tennis utilises smaller courts, nets and rackets as well as lower-bouncing tennis balls to develop vital tennis skills and techniques.

Practiced during 1st and 4th term

Grade 1 – Grade 3

Uniform required:
Step-outs for our Fun Day. Comfortable sport clothes and sport shoes for practice.

Equipment needed:
Own racket

Practice times:
As indicated on the extra-mural timetable every term.

Practice starting date:
Will be determined from year to year.

League we compete in:
There is no league for mini tennis. We host a Fun Day where the players of White River Primary compete against each other. This is not a competition and we focus on participation and having fun.

Why Tennis?
Tennis is a sport that can be played and enjoyed from ages 9 to 90!  It can be played as an individual or a team sport.  It develops hand-, eye– and foot co-ordination.

At White River Primary  we offer:

Mini-tennis Gr 1-3 (boys & girls)
u/11 team and a 1st Team (u/13) (boys & girls)

Our u/11 team and our 1st team are made up of 4 players each.  We enter into the tennis league and all matches and practices take place in the first term.


All learners, boys and girls from u/7 to u/13 are welcome.
Spur “School Mountain Bike League’s” age groups.

u/6 – u/8 Sub Nippers
u/9 – u/10 Nippers
u/11 – u/12 Sprog
u/13 – u/14 Sub Junior

Ms Elana van der Merwe and Ms Soretha Pelser.

The school partakes in the “School Mountain Bike League” hosted by Spur. The school acknowledges learners who take part in the series of events. The learners may also,individually, participate in other cycling events.

Sport wear
Learners can wear a comfortable shirt, tekkies, cycling shorts and a helmet. Each learner must have their own bicycle and helmet. During a race the learners must wear the school’s cycling shirt or a step out shirt


Cross country is a favourite sport at White River Primary.
Cross country teaches the learners endurance and determination. It is a perfect sport to get fit which is an advantage to any sport. Our aim is to teach learners to love running and to increase their self discipline and to be goal orientated.

Cross country takes place in the second and third term of the year. There is no limit to the number of learners participating. Learners as young as grade one can take part. Even some parents with a passion for cross country join in. We even sometimes have pre-school learners who show us what they are capable of. We participate in various cross country meetings and championships.

During the second term we register our athletes to participate in the ASA competitions in the area, and in the third term we participate in the schools’ cross country meetings. We have a number of athletes, who annually participate in the nationals and in the past we have had a few first places at this level.

Dedication and good sportsmanship earmark our school’s success in cross country.

For further details contact the school.


Chess is brain food
Many scientific studies have proven that chess increases a child’s intelligence. This is plain logic, because chess permits precise analytical thinking and teaches them how to solve problems. The great advantage thereof is that your child can use these skills in all other aspects of life.

1. Chess promotes social interaction
Chess teaches children social skills and improves it. It is more than just verbal skills. Chess teaches your child how to win or lose. The child learns how to patiently wait for the opponent to make a move.

2. Chess makes an excellent holiday activity
Chess is a great activity for students to be involved in during the school holidays. They exercise their mental muscles while having fun.  Physical activity is also important, so do not neglect it.

3. Chess improves concentration
The benefits of chess training for concentration have been found especially in children who dedicated a few hours a week to training and playing. Being able to concentrate is vital for every chess player, it’s a skill you simply have to have.

4. Chess and language acquisition
Chess does not only provide an opportunity to enrich one’s vocabulary – it is also a language in itself. If two chess players from different corners of the world played a game, they would have no trouble understanding each other, because they both speak the common “language” of chess.

5. Chess enhances your logical thinking
Chess makes you think about every move you make and its consequences in the short and long term. You are able to analyse dispassionately what each of your moves can do. This helps shape your critical thinking capabilities and your logical reasoning capabilities.

6. Chess develops life skills
Chess is ideal for teaching that although we come from various backgrounds, socio economic statuses and even languages our minds can work in similar ways when trying to reach a goal. You need to manage feelings in every position of the game. If you do not control your impulses, you might move too fast and maybe not see that your chess position is in danger. You learn to see non-verbal clues from your opponents.

Chess is a popular sport at our school. Many of our learners compete up to national level. We participate on two levels:

School league:
In this tournament the local schools compete against each other in teams. This usually takes place during the second and third term.

Open tournaments:
Open tournaments are played throughout the year from January to December. Any person who can play chess may participate. Annual registration fees are payable at the chess union. Players are divided into different categories according to grades, ages or experience. Players as young as grade one may compete. Experienced players may end up playing against adults and sometimes will win the match.

We divide chess into 3 groups namely junior chess: Grades 1-3, chess for beginners grades 4-7 and advanced chess for players from grade 1 – 7. Chess is seen in a serious light and some learners take extra classes over and above the practice they get at school.

Please contact the school if you want more information.



  • To offer learners the opportunity to learn how to play and enjoy Soccer.
  • To expose the players to quality Soccer coaches.
  • To develop Soccer in White River Primary.

Soccer has one coach per age group.  The coach has an assistant to help him and accompany the team to matches. Trials take place at the beginning of Term 4.  A squad will be selected from which the teams will be selected. It is a requirement that the prospective players fulfil two other sports codes during the year before qualifying to play Soccer. There are two combined teams, consisting of u/10 and u/11 players and u/12 and u/13 players. The league is a friendly league that takes place during the fourth term.

Dress code

Matches – Step out uniform, with white socks, shin pads and soccer boots.
Practices – Players must wear comfortable practice clothes, with shin pads and soccer boots.

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